Interactive Northwest, Inc. Quality Statement

The INI Customer Support Team is dedicated to providing quality support that allows our customers to maximize the benefits provided by our products.


INI is Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Our primary goal is “complete customer satisfaction.” To that end, we are committed to:


Contacting INI Support

The customer support team offers support through telephone access and/or email. Normal operating hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. customer local time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). After hours support is available by calling the telephone support number only and is billable at time and material rates, or is free to customers who have purchased a Premium Protection Plan.


Telephone Support: 800-808-8090


Email Support:


Reporting an Incident to Interactive Northwest, Inc.

To assist in diagnosing an issue, it is important for customers to have the following information available when reporting a technical support incident: